I spent years as a graphic designer, working at a drafting table with T-square and triangle, assembling the then-complex layers of commercial art. But, with the move to computers, I missed working with my hands to create something beautiful. I took a cake decorating class with the aim of making original cakes for my children. Once I began, however, I realized that this is what I was born to do!
I create each of my Truly Scrumptious Cakes as an individual work of art in cake, icing, fondant and sugar. My goal is to make each one as unique as the person for whom it was created. I want your cake to surprise and delight you and, of course, to have your guests exclaim, “This is truly the most scrumptious cake I’ve ever tasted!” Please visit my website again, and often, to see what’s new.

Monika Stout