​​​​​Christmas Crack

​$14 for a small gift box (12 pieces)
$32 for a large gift box (30 pieces)
You’ll become totally addicted to this

Christmas Crack! It’s a delicious treat with the crunch of a cracker featuring that salty-sweet combo of chocolate, toffee and sea salt!
​It’s the perfect holiday gift!

​​​​​Peppermint Bark

$8 for half pound gift box 

$15 for one pound gift box
A classic holiday treat, this bark is made with 
high quality dark and white chocolate swirled 
with crushed peppermint candy cane. 

​​​​Hot Cocoa Bombs

$6.00 per bomb or $20 for 4 bombs

Each bomb is a hollow sphere of high quality dark chocolate that's filled with mini marshmallows and cocoa mix. Place in a mug, pour very hot milk, coffee or water over the top and watch it melt away as the marshmallows float to the top.
Stir and enjoy! 
​Bombs are individually packaged.